December 27, 2011

materialistic christmas

wanted christmas gifts
Madewell Poncho and Wideleg Jeans, Free People Jacket, Balenciaga bracelet (dreams do come true ordered it already!), Cheap Monday Backpack (ordered this bad boy too!), Warby Parker Sunnies

... And now begins the time where you can return yo shit and redeem your gift cards to get the goodies you actually wanted for the holidays. Greedy shmeedy. I prefer the term picky and "has good taste".

Sorry for the not large photo... I dont mess with technology.
Blogging is about as high tech as this lady gets.
I wanna start doing outfit posts.
I also want a bit more of a following...
well beggers cant be choosers
I should sleep.

Cause thats the chic thing to do


Anonymous said...

I hope you do start doing outfit posts. Your blog is really creative and you have a great eye for style. I love the stuff you got for xmas. I have the FP boucle jacket too! : )

Meg Galvin said...

you're a good anon. i like you! I hope to do outfit posts once school starts back up... at the moment my pj's are my couture. all day erry day