January 30, 2012

my oh my

It has been quite the start to a new semester... sorry for the absence my loves. Its been nice to be at school and having a social life that was non-existent in high school. Its only been a week and its becoming much harder than last semester, but what would one expect. This is college after all.
Enough about me... Lets take a moment to appreciate the materialistic possesions of Michelle Ochs of Cushnie et Ochs... shall we?


The Coveteur

Oh baby... that window, those pillow cases, the headband, the cuffs, the light pink dress.

Cause thats the Chic thing to do

January 19, 2012

90's nation


Loving the constant revisit to this era. To good to not show some continuous love. Plaid, stars, polka dots, and leather. Favorite things at the moment.

Cause thats the Chic thing to do

January 17, 2012

barely there


Loving the black sweater with the patterned pants. The hair, the vibe. Those cheetah trousers.
When a good editorial makes you happy and puts a smile on your face.

Cause thats the chic thing to do

January 14, 2012

tomasi takes on design

tth lane crawford

I had heard that TTH was trying her hand at design but finally was able to find out about the pieces this morning through A Pair and A Spare! I am in complete and utter love with this collection. Its a bit pricey but I always like to look at collections and pick out my favorite pieces and be content with just one piece. Its probably a little tricky to see but, I love how the sequins are just on the front of the skirt. A sequin-phob like me is always so scared of wearing a sequin covered garment and sitting down and messing up the sequins by bending one!
Major props to ADLR for wearing those gold sequin star dresses from Dolce and Gabbana F/W 2011. Paranoia!

Im totally gonna end up purchasing this skirt. Little back to school present...hmmm?

Cause thats the chic thing to do

January 13, 2012

derek lam pre-fall 2012/2013



Cant really get over this. Dying at the courtesy of my computer screen. I love the gold brouges. I KNOW! can you belive it! A girl obsessed with silver finds love with gold? What is happening? I guess the world is ending!!!!

Im kind of completely utterly speechless at how perfect this is. Cant wait to see what Derek is whipping up for Fall as we speak!

Cause thats the Chic thing to do

January 12, 2012

tropic colors

britt 1britt 2britt 3britt 4

Totally digging floral fabrics at the moment. Its comforting when they're in front of a black base. Black is a color that dominates my wardrobe and color is rarely heard of in my neck of the woods. Totally ready to break out of my comfort zone though and florals are where one can start.

Spending my last days of winter break eating my entire house, watching movies my brother makes mandatory, and screwing up my sleeping schedule so I will never wake up for my 8am classes.
SO ready to get back to the city.

Cause thats the Chic thing to do

January 10, 2012

who? jason wu thats who!

jason wu for target

The great thing about spending your ENTIRE day on tumblr is the fact that you can come across anything that serves as KOALA- TEA blog content. This my dear friends I present to you a peek at some of the looks from the Jason Wu for Target collection. As is any target/designer collab, its all pretty anticipated and I can say that by looking at this... some money is going to need to be saved and put into the checking account while I sip on some coffee so I can stay up till midnight and place my orders ASAP! Oh the life of a college student with a debit card. *le sigh*

Amongst my major favorites here.. My insane I WILL DIE FOR YOU favorites have to be the white and black dress with the pleated skirt, the sleeveless navy blue dress, and the black and white stripped sweater.
What is color?

Cause thats the Chic thing to do