January 10, 2012

who? jason wu thats who!

jason wu for target

The great thing about spending your ENTIRE day on tumblr is the fact that you can come across anything that serves as KOALA- TEA blog content. This my dear friends I present to you a peek at some of the looks from the Jason Wu for Target collection. As is any target/designer collab, its all pretty anticipated and I can say that by looking at this... some money is going to need to be saved and put into the checking account while I sip on some coffee so I can stay up till midnight and place my orders ASAP! Oh the life of a college student with a debit card. *le sigh*

Amongst my major favorites here.. My insane I WILL DIE FOR YOU favorites have to be the white and black dress with the pleated skirt, the sleeveless navy blue dress, and the black and white stripped sweater.
What is color?

Cause thats the Chic thing to do

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