January 14, 2012

tomasi takes on design

tth lane crawford

I had heard that TTH was trying her hand at design but finally was able to find out about the pieces this morning through A Pair and A Spare! I am in complete and utter love with this collection. Its a bit pricey but I always like to look at collections and pick out my favorite pieces and be content with just one piece. Its probably a little tricky to see but, I love how the sequins are just on the front of the skirt. A sequin-phob like me is always so scared of wearing a sequin covered garment and sitting down and messing up the sequins by bending one!
Major props to ADLR for wearing those gold sequin star dresses from Dolce and Gabbana F/W 2011. Paranoia!

Im totally gonna end up purchasing this skirt. Little back to school present...hmmm?

Cause thats the chic thing to do

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