January 9, 2012

givenchy pre-fall 2012


You have to admit, the photo overload post is necessary to show the beauty and the perfection of Givenchy's Pre Fall Collection. The clean lines in the sleeves of the jacket, the bits of origami, the awesome grey boots in the second look, and the way Tisci uses olive green that doesn't make this tough to wear color rub me the wrong way.
This is a hit, everything that comes out of this house is never a miss.
I really appreciate that he brought the dog graphics back. A pure symbol of badass, DIY ideas begin to stir up in my head. But to DIY or not to DIY... I simply can't cheat on my love with Riccardo.

Cause thats the chic thing to do


Its interesting to look and see what designers look to for inspiration, even when they look on their past to create something new for the future. A spin here, a twist there... and you have yourself a ballin' pre fall collection


Marissa said...

gorgeous! those boots are sick!


Lori said...

omg why haven't i seen this before?? i loveeee everything!!!

...look closer