January 1, 2012

new years eve - DIY style

While some party hard, and others hardly party... I hardly partied and DIY'd my wardrobe to ring in 2012 in style. I asked my mom (and her wallet) on an adventure to le crafts store to gear up for my DIY'ing adventures and dug right in when i got home.

I first started with this DIY found on A Pair and A Spare. I bought the boots from Aldo and wasn't so into them a couple of days later. After realizing they could be reborn into shoes with unicorn jizz (thank you julia chesky and miu miu) on the heel... lets be honest... shit got real.


Im so excited about the way they turned out and I cant wait to parade in them and expose them to ze world! Huzzah! And lets have a warm welcome to my new Balenciaga bracelet? Its going to fit right in with my arm partys (giving credit to Leandra Medines brain)

This next bad boy, courtesy of an impulse buy shirt from Madewell (damn you, you perfect store that does nothing but make my heart flutter) and a major set of guidelines from the awesome girls at HonestlyWTF, I sewed this shirt into an awesome concoction of... thats right. Awesomeness.


I'd give you a picture of the whole shirt, but I like the close - up of the beads and its my blog and I'll do what I want to.

Hope everyone elses New Years was as FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC as mine was!

Cause thats the chic thing to do

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