November 26, 2011

I : running on empty

hailey clauson
Hailey Clauson
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Russh Magazine

Josh Beech

Magdelena Frackowiack


Its 2:30 am and an hour ago blog titles came running through my head. I'm not sure for what reason. I just felt like I could do it this time. I feel like I just need control over one thing at the moment, and a little corner of the internet wasn't looking so bad. Somewhere to spill my secrets, my loves, my wants, my needs seemed safe.

This is so deep its making me sick. The sudden burst of insomnia is wearing off.

Hopefully the next post is as chic as this one. I'd insert a .gif of Gemma Ward winking but as I said... Im finally sleepy.

'Cause thats the Chic thing to do

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