November 27, 2011

II : failure doesn't exist

awang shoes i love you

I want you. Good thing Christmas is just around the corner, but art supplies sure do know how to burn a hole in your wallet. My bank account cries on a daily basis.

I've heard these are kind of uncomfortable to walk it. You know what I say to that.

Bring da pain. How could you not want to own such a flawless shoe. I think what really caught my eye was the heel. The illusion of thin to the growth of thick at the bottom makes my stomach uneasy. But in the good way. Like when you see your crush.
Or whatever.

And the price the Outnet is giving it away for, you have to snatch these bad boys up.

I'll obviously be talking about my love for Alexander Wang later.
Thats gonna be one hell of a post.

'Cause thats the Chic thing to do

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