November 30, 2011

IV : hair everywhere

maria carla 1

maria carla 3

maria carla 2

So I should be finishing up an essay for my morning class but obviously Mariacarla in limited amounts of clothing is more important.

That vest in the last photo. No one will be able to comprehend that my life goal is to own a flawless leather vest that doesn't have the label "Forever 21" on it.
I owned one. It was a stupid bomber cut. It wasn't chic and it made me cry that I wasted hard earned babysitting money.
Enough of my sob stories. Wait. you should feel bad for me. Im writing an essay. To get the jist of it... its about the government and fat people. Insert look of disapproval at my teacher here.
I go to art school for pete's sake.

Anyway. Mariacarla is one of my favorite models. The fact that she and Riccardo Tisci (The genius behind Givenchy now-a-days) are besties is enough to make you say "awwww" every five minutes of every waking day.
Imagine the amounts of presents. GASP!
I'll take a rottweiler sweater!
Please and Thank you!

'Cause that's the chic thing to do

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