December 13, 2011

VI : Flying

flying 3

flying 2

flying 4

flying 1

Aymeline is a flawless french goddess and Ginta is just a beautiful person. I love the puffy winter outerwear layered up like armor and the urban setting. I cant say bad things about this ed. Im really loving the first shot of Ginta with the nice blue to pop against a grey environment.

Who'd think a magazine with Arizona Muse on this cover would have a rad ed with two amazing models?
Can we talk about Arizona's new haircut? Is that even a real thing? or is that just Tumblr messing with me?

Im just excited its break and I can tumblr/blogspot/babysit $$$/ online shop my heart away
holla at cha gurl and her empty bank account

Cause thats the Chic thing to do

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